Saturday, February 25, 2012

ETHIOPIA - For Child Adoption or for Sightseeing?

Whether Ethiopia is your destination to adopt a child or to travel the length and breadth of this breathtaking country, you are sure to have photographs that you want to show people. What better way than to make a digital scrapbook album of them!

Unfortunately in the digital scrapbooking world, there seems to be very little around either with a travel or adoption focus when it comes to Ethiopia in particular, or Africa in general.

Recently my daughter and her hubby returned from a trip to Ethiopia. The main purpose for their trip was neither sightseeing nor adoption, but rather to check on the projects my daughter manages in a very poor rural village in Northern Ethiopia - Meskele Kristos. (You can find out about these projects on the World Families Australia website:

My daughter asked me to make a photobook for her with the photos they took, so as a result, with their kind permission, I now have some new products to offer the digital scrapbooking hub. (Sales from these products will go to the school sponsorship program in Meskele Kristos.)

Without further ado, I would like to introduce my new products to you. Most are marked for Commercial Use, but that does not in any way limit their use. They are just as suitable for Personal Use, Scrap For Hire and Scrap For Others.

I have currently released these packs at but they will soon be available at my other store as well -

Now for the previews:

Two paper packs -

Five Embellishment packs:

You will find these and the rest of my products at Zesty Digi Designs at

If you're looking for something authentic from Ethiopia for your digital scrapbooking project, I hope you'll find it here.

Thanks for looking. :)