Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Carol Blog Hop is Here!

I love this time of year!  Christmas celebrations - I love the wonderful festivites associated with the birth of Jesus Christ.  For those who don't celebrate Christmas, this is a great holiday season.  Every year for some years now, the Studio has had two fantastic events - the Advent Calendar (a little co-ordinated mini to collect daily to build a beautiful mega kit - all for FREE!)  AND the Annual Christmas Carol Blog Hop.  This is a fantabulous opportunity to collect a whole array of mini kits designed around Christmas Carols.  The tradition continues in 2016!  Without further ado:
Welcome to the Studio’s Annual Christmas Carol Blog Hop. Every year the Studio Designers gather together to “Sing Christmas Carols” to all of our members, customers, fans & friends. It’s a way for us all to say Merry Christmas and a big Thank You for being so supportive of us.

Each participating Designer has chosen a special Christmas Carol just for you and designed a cute mini freebie around it. So put on your dancing shoes & singing voices and come caroling with us.

Here's my mini. Just click on the preview or ***here*** to download it.

Your next stop is Manu Scraps
If you get lost along the way, just return to theStudio Blog Post (where you started) and pick up where you left off.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Blog Hop has ended.  This mini will be available in store soon.



Saturday, December 3, 2016

New for December + Freebies

I'm baaack!  
I have some news to share and a brand new 'more-than-a-min' - just released, but I know how busy December is, so I'll try to be brief.

The new release:  "Winter's Magic" - with soft pinks and sage grey greens, this is such a pretty mini.
There are ten papers and thirty-two elements, so it's a little bigger than the usual mini, with plenty to scrap with.  It is currently priced as an introductory special with 40% off, but this is only for a limited time and of course, it is exclusive to the Studio. it is:

My very good friend, Manu, of Manu Scraps and I decided we'd put together a Festive CU Grab Bag.
There is a new category in store at the Studio: Mini Value Packs for CU products, so our collab Grab Bag has six mini value packs (4 items per pack - the maximum allowed).  It is valued at $12 (products must be priced at $2 or less in this category), but we have priced our Bag at a super sweet price of $4.00.  It won't be around long before we split it up to put our packs in this new category, so get in quick.  See the extra previews in store for the full reveal.

If you haven't heard, the annual Advent Calendar downloads have begun at the Studio too.  Each day of the calendar will be available for one day + a few extra hours to cover all time zones.  Most designers are having a 50% off Sale in their stores on the day of their download.  Downloads are FREE!  Don't miss these because each minikit has been created to co-ordinate so at the end if you've collected all of them, you'll have a wonderful mega kit and all for FREE!!

My day was December 1, so you'll have missed mine but I'll let you in on a little secret - at the end, ALL the mini's will be available for download so if you miss a day, you'll still be able to collect the lot!  The calendar actually started on November 30, so you may be missing a few already.

This was mine: 

Okay...I'm almost finished.  I just wanted to mention that at the Studio we have another annual event: the Christmas Carol Blog Hop.  It's coming s-o-o-n!!  More freebies on the way and I've had a sneak peek - these are pure awesomeness.  Watch out for more news on Facebook for the official announcement or subscribe to the Studio newsletter so you don't miss out.  

That's it for now...
Have a great weekend

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales + More

To All my friends who celebrate Thanksgiving - I hope you had a wonderfully blessed day with family, friends and I'm sure there could have been some feasting going on as well.  I hope you all had a great time!  (Here in Australia we don't have a Thanksgiving Day - or for that matter "Black Friday" either.)

For everyone out there in digi-scrapping land though, this is one of the very best times to hit the online stores and shop until you drop.  The savings are beyond amazing.  Everywhere you look there is a sale happening.  Well, I'm here to tell you that at the Studio, we have an awesome 50% off storewide sale for BLACK FRIDAY - plus there are $1 DOORBUSTERS.  You won't want to miss these - and just so that you know, we're doing it again on CYBER MONDAY!  Yes, 50% off storewide, plus a different batch of $1 DOORBUSTERS!

ALSO:  I have the CU Daily Deal today!!  60% off for one day only on these gorgeous ribbons:

On Wednesday I released a new CU PACK - "Door Decor Set 2" - it is included in the 50% off sale.

My new collection:  "Wherever You Go" is also available in the 50% sale!  What better time to buy!

Here are some beautiful layouts from my creative team:
Carola made this one
Marlyn did this

Barbara made this one
And Julie created this page.

That's it for I'm going to hit the shops.  Yippee!! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

New November Collection - Wherever You Go

This month I chose a warm palette and I went with a vintage travel theme - the collection title: WHEREVER YOU GO.  The wordart I've included contains eleven scripture verses, all reminders that we are never alone when we have God in our hearts.  I believe God's promises are true - for all time, therefore we can be assured that if we have placed our faith in him, he is with us, we never walk alone and we need never be afraid.  That gives me assurance and hope.

This collection is very versatile and is usable across a wide range of themes, not just for travel or vacation or vintage. One of my creative team created a great patriotic page for November 11 - Remembrance Day!

The Wherever You Go Collection contains 80 elements, 18 papers, 12 art papers, 12 textured plain papers, with a little grunge, 5 large photomasks, 5 page accents, 11 wordarts and 5 large page clusters in both shadowed and unshadowed versions.

There is a Kit comprising the 80 elements and 18 papers, plus the COMPLETE BUNDLE, which is less than half price.  Bundle buys are always the most cost effective!

I'm really pleased with this collection and I'm super keen to show you:

The Elements:

The Papers:

The Art Papers:

The Textured Plain Papers:

The Photomasks:

The Page Accents:

The Wordart:

The Clusters:


The individual packs and the kit are on introductory special, 40% off, until the 30th November (unless overridden by a whole store sale.)  You'll find the Bundle is permanently priced at 51% off.

The Studio is currently have a Retiring Sale - time to turf out some older products to make way on the server for new things.  I have both Personal Use and Commercial Use products in this sale.  You get the bargains - 75% off - but after the sale, they are GONE.

THANKSGIVING, BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY - Stay tuned!!  Lots of awesomeness coming up.

Today I have a lovely cluster, just because I appreciate my newsletter subscribers so much!  Not signed up yet?  (Link is on the right hand side bar.)  Thank you!

Until next time,
Happy scrapping!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

"Harvest Sunset" - Fabulous new Co-ordinated Collection

It's October - time for the release of the quarterly co-ordinated collection at the Studio.  For the Fall collection, we have a stunning palette of glorious sunset colours with a harvest themeLet me introduce - HARVEST SUNSET. 
For my inspiration, I played with the idea of harvest down on the farm - not so much the huge acreages, but the smaller family farm with a few paddocks - some crops here and an orchard there where the hay is rolled into bales and the fruit and vegetables are picked and preserved for the winter ahead.  In my collection you will find farm type items, for instance, the big red barn door, a ladder for picking fruit from the higher branches, a step stool for the lower branches, a wheelbarrow, a barn window frame, a barrel, an old wagon wheel, a low table, an outdoor chair, old wooden crates and, so much more.  Of course, after the harvest is in, it's time for a celebration - how about a party or a dance in the barn - music, good food and homemade beverages to share with family and friends?  I hope I've given you a little picture of my collection.
This promotion runs for two weeks where you can purchase individual packs for just $1.00 each.  Bundle buying is always best though - you get everything in my collection for just $8.00!

Let's have a look at this gorgeous "Harvest Sunset" collection:

First of all here's the whole BUNDLE (all this for $8.00 during the promotion.)

The ELEMENT pack contains 80 beautiful unique elements:

The PAPERS - 18 papers

The CARDSTOCK - 15 textured cardstock

The ART PAPERS - 12 beautiful papers

The PHOTOMASKS - 5 large masks

The BORDERS - 4 page sized borders

The WORDART - 13 ready to use wordarts

The CLUSTERS - 5 gorgeous large clusters

I love this collection!!  I've made a little gift using the a selection of elements which will be included in my newsletter tomorrow.


During the next week or so I will releasing the single packs that were included in the collaborative CU Grab Bag the my good friend, Manu or Manu Scraps, and I did for DSD. These were my packs and at release they will be on introductory discount for a limited time.  I try to keep my CU packs affordably priced so that they are useful for designers and scrappers alike.

Here are my Grab Bag packs:
CU OH MY ORCHIDS  (my daughter gave me this orchid a year ago and it's just flowering for the second time.)

CU WHITE AZALEAS  (I literally waited for days for the buds to open so I could take photos of these!)

CU POD FINDS  (These are pods I've collected around my neighbourhood.)

These will all be in store in the next week or two.  

Until next time - happy scrapping...Enjoy!!


Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's DSD time! $1 Flash Sales, 50% Sale + FB CU Hop

It's all happening this weekend...
DSD (Digital Scrapbooking Day) weekend has begun!  There are bargains to be had all over Digiland.  I want to be brief and tell you what is happening in my store at The Studio.

First of all - HUGE sale - 50% off both Personal Use and Commercial Use (excludes Bundles and Grab Bags which are already 50% or more off)
We don't often have a 50% off sale, so don't miss this's just for this weekend!!  Run, run...

Secondly - you have to be quick for these too!!  $1 Flash Sales - Friday and Saturday only!  Different products (PU and CU) on each day.

My Friday Flash Sale:

My Saturday Flash Sale:

Thirdly - GRAB BAG TIME!
My great friend, Manu, of Manu Scraps fame, and myself teamed up again for a CU Collab Grab Bag for DSD.  This one features six full sized packs (generous ones too, I might add) with flower collections and seed pods.  Six awesome packs for just $6.00 (for a limited time!)  Don't miss it!!
Digi-scrappers - this can be used for Personal Use as well!

Fourthly - FREEBIE!
The Studio CU FB Hop is here!  
Hop in an collect all the amazing CU FREEBIES now.
The full list is HERE 

My Facebook Page 

So much to do, so little time...I have shopping to do...YIPPEE!!

Have a fun weekend!

PSST...Don't forget to sign up for the Studio newsletter - you'll find great freebies in the Saturday newsletter this week!  

Monday, September 12, 2016

New! "Nostalgic Dreams" + new CU

This weekend I released my brand new collection, "Nostalgic Dreams".  As the name suggests, it brings with it a little nostalgia for times past that are stored in sometimes forgotten recesses of our memories.  This collection is on the feminine vintage side.  You will find a gorgeous array of papers and ninety-seven beautiful elements.  The bundle also comes with theme suited wordart and photomasks.  You will find a plethora of wonderfully created pieces to build your own fantastic albums or pages.  This collection is exclusive to The Studio.  It is currently priced with an introductory discount - 40% off individual packs, but of course, bundle buying is your best saver - 52% off this one! 

Now let's take a look:
The Elements:

The Papers:

Patterned and Plain Papers:

Art Papers:

The Kit:

The Bundle: (save 52%)


I recently put my separate packs from the CU Gala Grab Bag (with Manu Scraps) into my store.
For a limited time, you can still save 40% on these two packs:

Bird Beauty:

My September newsletter is due to be sent.  It contains an exclusive gift for my subscribers.

That's the latest from me...
Hugs and Happy scrapping!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Some people are still enjoying their summer vacation (and in some parts of the world, it would seem that winter is over and spring is well on its way!)  It's a great time to spend some time at the beach - and the beach is the perfect place to unwind.  It's with that thought in mind that I created my fabulous new collection 'BEACH RETREAT'.  Whether you take just a few hours out to enjoy a short break on the sand in the sunshine, or a whole week or a weekend to relax with the salt air filling your lungs and the sounds of the sea gently calming your soul - there's nothing like the beach.

Let's take a look then at this new 'BEACH RETREAT' collection:

The ELEMENTS pack is crammed full with beautiful things (90 items in total) to provide you with plenty of options as you reflect on your time spent by the sea. 

The PAPERS - 18 beautifully crafted papers in a variety of styles 

The ART PAPERS will complement your pages beautifully - 12 to choose from.
PLAINS are always a perfect accompaniment - these 10 have grunge and texture.

There are five STAMPS to add something extra to your pages. 

WORDART is wonderful - add a caption or a thoughtful phrase to your page.

I've teamed the Elements and Papers so you can purchase the KIT - priced a little less than two separate packs.

And of course the BUNDLE is always the best buy - less than 1/2 price.

BUNDLE ME UP - this week's promotion at the Studio:  use the promo code: bundle-me-up and save an extra 10% on bundles!!


I have a beautiful pack of lovely daisies in store - currently 40% off

AND there's more!!  I currently have ALL my flower packs on sale - 40% off.  It's better than being let loose in a florist shop!

Tomorrow I will send out my newsletter - tucked inside will be this special exclusive cluster gift.  (There's still time to subscribe if you haven't already.)

That's it from me for today...enjoy your scrapping!