Friday, May 5, 2017

It's time for iNSD - 2017! Lots of great bargains...

NSD is here again!  This is a huge event for scrapbookers and in digi world it is no exception!
Every store makes it a wonderful event and none more so than theStudio!

I'd like to take a few minutes to show you what I have on offer this weekend at theStudio.  Our 'event' spans five whole days and a whole week of sales.
May 4 - "May the Fourth be with You" sale - one day only sale with $4 bundles and 4 kits bundled for $4 and 4 collections bundled for $16 or $20 - huge savings there!!  And of course, our special iNSD CU Collab Grab Bags!
May 5 - "Revenge of the Fifth" sale - one day only sale with $5 bundles and 5 kits bundled for $5 and 5 collections bundled for $20 or $25 - again great savings!! The Grab Bags are still there to grab too!!
May 6, 7, 8 - FLASH SALES - $1 each - PU and CU, changes each day.  50% off STOREWIDE SALE - Again Grab Bags are waiting for you!
May 9,10,11 - 30% off Storewide - don't forget the Grab Bags because they are there for this limited time only.

Now it's time to 'show' what I have for you during NSD.
Firstly, I have four collections at just $4 each on May 4
For May 5, I have five collections at $5 each:
May 6 I have these products in the FLASH SALE at $1 each

 May 7 these are for my FLASH SALE at $1 each
 May 8 my FLASH SALE features these at $1 each

TWO CU COLLAB GRAB BAGS (limited time only)
1:  6 full size packs for $6 - this is the fabulous bag my long time friend, Manu Scraps, and I put together

2: 5 full size packs for $4 - wonderful LouCee Creations and I created:
(This one is also on sale at

and lastly, I have the CU DAILY DEAL at theStudio this weekend.  Save 60% on this pack of beautiful butterflies.

I'm out of here - time to go shopping and grab some awesome bargains!!
HAPPY iNSD and Happy Shopping.