Friday, August 9, 2019

In The Wild - Australia Naturally...

At the Studio, our quarterly Co-ordinated Collection is here!  Our Summer collection is called, "Into The Wild" and while this can be interpreted many ways, I chose to look close to home and gave mine a truly Aussie flavour. 

Here is my collection:  "In The Wild - Australia Naturally"

The individual packs are on sale for just $1.00 per pack and the 8 packs together for the Bundle just $8.00.  These special prices apply for two weeks only.  This collection is superb.  Don't miss it!!

The Bundle:

"IN THE WILD - AUSTRALIA NATURALLY" COLLECTION contains 70 unique elements, 40 beautiful papers, 5 large photomasks, 4 large page accents, 6 page edges, 2 page size borders and 2 large clusters (shadowed and unshadowed.)  This is truly a 'not to be missed' top quality Australian collection.

Happy Scrapping.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Half way through the year already!!

What a year it's been - unlike any other I've experienced!  In the space of five months, I've gone from having my house flooded during the catastrophic floods of February in Townsville, North Queensland, (and finding out that the Body Corporate didn't have us insured for flood), to having a total interior rebuild (at my own expense), to being on the threshold of moving back in to a beautiful, bright, fresh place to live in.  It's been quite the journey, but I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I'll admit, I'm feeling just a wee bit excited!! 

So during this period, I've tried to keep focused on designing and this month, I have some new products to show you. 

You'll find my products exclusively at

The very latest release is a new collection: "THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE".  This is part of an Event Collection at the Studio, and I went with a summer beach theme. This was because when I asked my daughter what "This Beautiful Life" meant to her, it was all about relaxing at the beach on summer vacation!  This new collection comes with eight individual packs - Elements, Mixed Papers, Art Papers, Decorative Flourishes, Page Accents, Textured Cardstock, Photomasks and Wordart.  I've put the Elements and Mixed Papers into a Kit, and the whole eight packs are available as a Bundle.  The packs and the kit are currently 30% off, but as always the Bundle is by far the best buy at 51% off!

So here's a look at "This Beautiful Life":

This Beautiful Life - Elements

Earlier this month I released a new minikit - "BLUE REFLECTIONS"
You can save 30% off this one for just a few more days.  

To round off the month, I will be releasing another minikit in the next week or so - "TIDELINE"
It will have 30% off as introductory special.  Watch for it!



This beautiful Quick Page was made by my CT member, Pam.


Keep scrapbooking your precious memories. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Wake up and smell the Lavender!!

Oh what a busy month!  First Maibaum Fest, then iNSD and now it's time to release the Spring Co-ordinated Collection, "Lavender Fields", at theStudio.

As always, we have $1.00 packs and bundled pricing - but only for a limited time.

Let me introduce you to my "Lavender Fields" collection:








LAVENDER FIELDS - THE BUNDLE (All eight packs - $8.00)


BUILD YOUR OWN CU GRAB BAG - 5 Packs for $5.00

CU COLLAB GRAB BAG (with my Bestie, Manu Scraps) - 6 packs for $6.00
Full reveal in store




Thank you for checking out my new goodies.

Enjoy your scrapping hours!!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

It's been a l-o-n-g time...

Today, I would like to post a little of my 'news' and also some exciting happenings in digi-world.

As many would already know, there was an unprecedented weather event in Townsville, North Queensland, where I live.  Much of the city was flooded as a result - including my home.  That was early in February this year.  I had to evacuate and I'm now staying with family, while my home is undergoing a rebuild.  Unfortunately the complex that my unit is part of didn't have flood insurance. It has been quite a difficult time in many ways, but in other ways, I've been very blessed.  I was able to have a major clear out of 'stuff' and when I move back in, I will endeavour to not be a  hoarder!
I've had major renovations to my home because everything had to be stripped out so that the timbers inside the walls and the floors under the tiles and carpets could be dried out and sanitized.  I will have a brand new kitchen, new laundry and new bathroom, new floor coverings and new paint.  It's already looking great!  Sadly for many people who have to wait for insurance and the builders that they appoint, it will be many months before they are able to be in their homes again.  For me, I think it will be only weeks now.  What a blessing that is! 
Another huge blessing has been the kindness and thoughtfulness of the designers at theStudio who put together a massive collaborative kit called, "The Sun Will Shine Again".  I want to take this opportunity to thank them and also those customers who bought the collab.  You will never know what this has meant to me!  It has been an incredible help to me financially as I come to terms with the cost of everything.  Your willingness to support me through this is overwhelming and I thank you from the depths of my heart! THANK YOU!!

So moving on...right now (May 1 and 2) we have the very first "MAIBAUMFEST" at theStudio!
This means lots of fabulous sales:  50% off in many areas, including Commercial Use! Check our sales out here:

STOCK UP ON Co-ordinated Collections:

That means it is GRAB BAG time... 

My bestie, Manu of Manu Scraps, and I teamed up again to bring you this fantastic GRAB BAG!
Six full size CU products or just $6.00.  Grab it while it's hot - save yourself 80% off regular prices.

Grab all the FREE MINI KITS and you'll have a wonderful collection.

This is mine: 



Saturday, January 19, 2019

Happy New Year + New in January

Welcome to 2019!

It's shaping up to be another busy year and I'm already off to a flying start.  I have new products in my store and a lovely free gift coming in my newsletter this weekend.  You ARE signed up for my newsletter, right?  (If not, you'll find the sign up link there on the right hand side.)

So, first I'd like to start with "A Cup Of Kindness".  We sing about that on New Year's Eve so I thought it was a great theme for a mini kit.  This mini kit has ten beautiful papers and twenty-eight elements, so it's slightly larger than a 'mini'.  It has a soft palette of blues and neutrals and it is reminiscent of times spent with family, friends and neighbours.

I'm also excited to announce that my very good friend, Manu, of Manu Scraps and I have put together another beautiful collab called "You Mean The World To Me."  We each created a kit with 10 gorgeous papers and forty elements, using the same palette of pink, magenta and beige. These are perfect kits for Valentine's Day, anniversary, date nights, or any special romantic memories!

We created a special deal too!  Both our kits are 30% off until the end of January PLUS if both are purchased together, you receive a FREE bonus pack of fabulous borders and clusters!  See in store for details.

My Newsletter this week has a beautiful gift created by one of CT girls too!  Don't miss it!!

$2 Tuesday - Fresh 'one day only' specials on Tuesdays.  I have some CU packs and some PU products - each for only $2.  These are great bargain buys!!

February isn't far away and I have more new products almost ready to release - a fabulous new collection and a couple of mini kits.  I'm hoping to have some new Commercial Use products in February too.  

That's about all I have for now.  Stay warm if you're in a cold country and stay cool if you're somewhere hot and humid, like me!  

Enjoy your scrapping!  

Monday, December 3, 2018

ADVENT CALENDAR time at The Studio!

It's that time of year again when we have our annual Advent Calendar event at #theStudio.

The Designers have created beautiful mini kits - one for each day through December 25 which are our FREE GIFTS to you!  Don't miss a one. 

TODAY IS MY DAY - and my store is also 40% OFF for TODAY ONLY.


Stop by each day and collect the rest of these wonderful gifts - our thank you to you, our loyal customers! 


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Instant Replay and Encore...Don't miss it!

Thanksgiving is almost here.  Then it will be followed by Black Friday and a weekend of sales and surprises!

We don't have a special day for Thanksgiving here in Australia - probably because the Pilgrim Fathers didn't come to Australia and didn't befriend the Native North American Indians.  That said, we do however, still find the benefits in gathering together with family and friends to give thanks for all our blessings.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration!

Black Friday is indeed another thing entirely!  Ask most Aussies and they can't tell you a thing about 'Black Friday' - other than Friday 13th being called a Black Friday.  For our North American friends though, we understand that you like to have a big day out for shopping in order to grab great bargains which must be a wonderful boost for your Christmas shopping!!

To capture the essence of the "Black Friday" Sales, I want to share with you the INSTANT REPLAY.

Did you think we were finished with the awesome Big Deal from DSD?  Well, nooo!  Because it was so well received, we decided to bring it back for Black Friday.  If you missed purchasing during DSD I've got news for you.  You can still buy this fabulous bundle of goodies from a whole bunch of great designers - over $600 worth of product for just $30!!  You'll ooohhh and aaahhh as you open each download to discover oodles of beautiful products to keep you scrapping well into 2019!


For Black Friday weekend, we decided to offer an extra bargain - more gorgeous kits and collections as an ENCORE!  The designers have put together a bundle with 25 full size products, valued at over $130.  YOU PAY ONLY $15.00!!   How can you afford to miss this?  

Check it out now:  or go to my Facebook page.

Buy now before the Black Friday shopping rush.  

Get a start on your Thanksgiving scrapping.  Enjoy your beautiful new products!!  

Have fun!!