Friday, June 12, 2020

Are you ready to Sail Away?

This week the latest Event Collection was released at #theStudio.  It's a beautiful collection with an ocean theme - so...are you ready to Sail Away with me?  

Join me as you step into my new collection.  I think you'll love it!  

This is the Bundle - (currently a great buy with a 52% saving.)
The Bundle comes with 70 unique elements, 58 papers, 5 photomasks, 6 page edges, and 5 page accents/stamps (value $27.92 - less than half price - $13.50!)

Single Packs are 30% off at present. Sale ends June 28.

The Kit is also available - 70 papers, 18 papers - 30% off too.


Swim With The Fishes - 10 papers, 25 elements - introductory price $2.45 (save 30%)


Four full sized CU packs for just $4.00!  Amazing value - but ends soon. 
A great way to add to your designing stash.  Don't miss out.

Note: for my Newsletter subscribers - I have a fresh new exclusive gift for you when you open my next newsletter.  

Thank you for strolling through my new products with me.  

Stay safe and well and enjoy your scrapping.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Looking for ADVENTURE? I have a new collection and adventure is the theme...

Do you have a love for travel and adventure?  Or are you an arm-chair tourist and just love to virtually visit places?  You may have a bucket list as long as your arm of destinations that you'd like to see.  

Our quarterly co-ordinated collection at TheStudio has the title "ADVENTURE".  I chose New Zealand as the focus for my collection.  Having vacationed in New Zealand a few times now, I decided that I'd like to share my wonder of this amazing little country.  If you've been there yourself, you'll know just what I mean - there's a lot to love about New Zealand!  If  you have photos of New Zealand that you'd like to scrapbook with a really authentic collection, then this is the one for you!

So here it is, my "ADVENTURE - NEW ZEALAND" collection.  It is on sale through May 28 with $1 per pack or buy the bundle for $8.00.  You can't get better than that!

Adventure - New Zealand:  Elements  (70 unique elements)

Adventure - New Zealand: Papers (a beautiful mix of 18 papers)

Adventure - New Zealand: Flora (8 wonderfully defined brushes + pngs) 

Adventure - New Zealand: Art Papers (12 gorgeous artsy papers)

Adventure - New Zealand: Page Accents (5 very large page accents)

Adventure - New Zealand: Textured Cardstock (16 individually textured cardstock)

Adventure - New Zealand: Photomasks (5 large decoratively framed photomasks)

Adventure - New Zealand: Favourites (33 wordarts of favourite places in NZ)


FOR MY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS - a fabulous gift made with "Adventure - New Zealand!

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Happy Scrapbooking!!

Saturday, May 2, 2020


In spite of all the hardship that comes with the current pandemic, we can still celebrate International Scrapbooking Day!  And celebrate we will!!

At the Studio (Digital Scrapbooking Studio) we have a lot going on - $1 Flash Sales PU and CU (new ones on Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Grab Bags - lots to choose from and SAVE big time, a 50% off storewide sale!  What more could you ask for?

Oh yes, a great FWP if you spend over $20 AND a Facebook Hop - pick up your free mini's.

So I'll show you what I have:


Friday May 1st

Sorry - Saturday's and Sunday's are under'll have to check the store daily for those - but I can promise - they are good!!


My 'bestie', Manu of Manu Scraps, and I have put together a wonderful CU Grab Bag - full of flowers - perfect for Summer!  4 brand new full size packs for just $4.00 (limited time.)

I also have two BYO GRAB BAGS - PU or CU - 5 products for $5.00.  You choose what you'd like, put the Grab Bag in your cart, then list your products - read the instructions carefully!


BONUS!  "TOMORROW" - Fabulous iNSD FWP with $20+ purchase

FACEBOOK HOP:  "TODAY" - FREE!!  Co-ordinating Mini Kits - Don't miss out!!

This is mine - (yours FREE!) - visit my Facebook Page and then collect the rest.

"TODAY" by Zesty Designs


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Pandemic Unpredictability

Here we are in April.  What a weird year it's been thus far!  The world has been thrown into unprecedented times and I think everyone is trying to find their own coping mechanisms and keep their own sense of equilibrium.  I know it's especially difficult for parents who have kids out of school now and trying to create a daily routine with home-schooling.  Wherever you fit into this current situation, I encourage you to stay focused and strong.  Look after your health and do what the authorities are telling you to do for your protection and the protection of others.  

I decided to create a new kit for this season.  I've called it "Confinement Fun" and it has lots of fun stuff in it for scrapbooking your pages as a way of making memories of this time. It is largely about hobbies and creativity - I hope you find it useful, not only in this current season but at other times when confinement is where you find yourself or your family.  

CONFINEMENT FUN has 10 papers and 50 elements.  It is only available at "TheStudio" and it is on introductory special with 30% off the regular price.  

I also released a new mini kit on April 1 - "BLOOM REVIVAL" - it also is currently 30% off.


This is a new CU Mini Value Pack - "MY MINIATURE ROSES" - 4 beautiful blooms, regularly $2.00 - now just $1.40

"LEAFY GREENS vol 2"  is also recently released and 30% off  (sale on this almost at an end so be quick if you want to save.)

Stay well, stay safe and stay strong!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


ANNOUNCING!  Beautiful new collection:  'BELIEVE IN YOU'.  

This new collection is all about having confidence in yourself - believing that you are strong, that you are worthy, that you do matter, that you are skilled, that you do have potential and a whole lot more!

Sometimes, we undervalue ourselves and our abilities because we judge ourselves against a bar of our own making and it just doesn't give a true reading.  We are too hard on ourselves, we see ourselves as we 'think' others see us and often this is far from the truth!  We do ourselves a great disservice and we need to become 'real' with ourselves and be honest with ourselves.  This collection is about being positive and truthful.  I hope you like it and enjoy working with it.  

As always, with the release of the Studio's co-ordinated collections, the individual packs are on sale at just $1 per pack for the first two weeks (through February 20 for this one.)  The bundle buy is $8.00 - a huge saving off the normal pricing.  

Take a look:


ELEMENTS (70 elements):


Page by Chickie

Page by Donna

Please stop by my store to see more layouts using this collection made by my talented creative team.

Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


It seems a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  January went in a blink of the eye, it appears - well it was a 'hit the ground running' kind of thing here and now it's February.  I feel as if I need someone to put the brakes on - it's already going too fast!  I hope you've had a lovely festive season and here things have returned to some kind of normality.  Here, because our long summer holiday is over  December - January, the new school year has begun, so I guess for many that means a return to normal routines. For me, I've been having eye surgeries and skin spots removed.  All good news on both fronts, so although 'different', I'll say it's been a good start to 2020.

Now I have two mini kits that are new and on sale at The Studio.  They are both 30% off at present.


This is a delightful little winter kit with four papers and nineteen elements.  It is currently just $2.09.

This is a wonderful little kit that will suit many different themes and seasons.  There are 10 papers and 26 elements.  It is great value at $2.45 for a limited time.  

A fabulous new Collection is due for release in a few days.  Pre-advertising is not allowed, so please keep checking in store.  This one is a 'must have' and you'll love the prices!!

Each Tuesday I have $2 specials - both Commercial Use and Personal Use.  If you're looking to build your stash, check out what's on offer on Tuesdays!  

My first newsletter for 2020 is about to go out to subscribers and included is an exclusive freebie.
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That's it for today!
Until next time...happy scrapping!

Saturday, December 21, 2019


Only a few more sleeps and it will be Christmas Day!  I know we are all busy preparing for the big day - decorating, baking, gift wrapping etc etc so I will keep this as brief as I can.

First of all, thank you for being loyal customers throughout the year.  It's been a tough year for me and I've appreciated all the kind comments that have been left on my blog, my Facebook page and in response to my newsletters.  

I have a few gifts for you - well, it's Christmas after all and I wanted to thank you and show my appreciation, so first up...if you missed my day of the Studio Advent Calendar, don't be disheartened...look in store on Christmas Day!  A surprise awaits...I can't tell you more.  My 'day' was December 13.

Next, at Christmas, the Studio the designers get together to do a Facebook Hop (Blog Train).  We each choose a Christmas carol or song that we like and we create a mini kit.  You can find mine on my Facebook Page.  It is FREE!  Why not collect them ALL!!  WHEEEE!!  (There's a beautiful exclusive free gift made with this mini coming to my newsletter subscribers!  Not signed up?  Why not sign up now!)


I've been busy with a few new products in store as well. 


NEW!  Event Collection - "Winter Solstice"

I have made six specialty packs for this and I'm selling them as single packs or as a BUNDLE.  
The separate packs are 30% OFF until the end of this month.  The BUNDLE is $8.00 - save 55%!!

You can see the separate packs in store here.

I wish you a wonderfully blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy 2020.

Happy scrapbooking!