Monday, December 31, 2012


Today I have exciting news!!

I teamed up with my dear friend Manu of Manu Scraps to make the most amazing Doggie kit ever!

We are delighted to bring you our first collab - "Tail Waggers"! 

Released today at

Man’s best friend” – yes, that’s a statement, not a riddle – Dogs most definitely fit the description! As pets, they are loving and loyal. They are always happy to see you, never judge or criticize, love to go for walks with you, want to be involved in whatever you are doing and when you just want to rest, they are more than content to curl up in your lap, sit on your legs or lie beside you. They really are part of the family, fantastic companions that never fail to show their appreciation and approval, simply by wagging their tails!

With 24 papers, including plains, textureds and patterns plus a whopping 80 embellishments, many totally unique, you will never tire of turning to this kit when you wish to scrapbook your pet photos. You will find frames, ribbons, foliage, flowers, tags, and many, many dog related items for themes such as feeding, walking, exercising and playing with your dog; vet visits and treatments; bathing, grooming and dog shows. This kit is so comprehensive – you’ll find that there is something here for every phase of your dog’s life with you! 

Extras include glitter styles (12 colours), alphas in 4 colours + bonus, 12 word arts and 6 beautiful clusters - available as separate packs or as a Bundle. 

and some pages from "Tail Waggers" for inspiration, thanks to our designer friend, Joyce de Jonge and lovely store CT member, Marlyn and lastly one by me, LOL  -

and we have more!

In store now - a freebie for you ;)

My blog freebie for you - 


And check Manu's blog for another freebie, coming soon.

And we're not done yet!

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