Monday, August 3, 2015

"The Melody Within" - NEW COLLECTION!

It's August and I've been busy creating.  I've just released my latest collection - the beautiful "The Melody Within".

This is currently available only from The Studio.  It is on Introductory pricing through August 10.
Bundle Buy is by far the best bargain - less than half price!  The Kit and separate packs are 35% off.

Here is my inspiration for this Collection:
Now and then, a few bars of a melody gets stuck in our heads and repeats over and over again. Sometimes a memory is linked to a particular song we like and we find ourselves humming or whistling that tune, maybe quite unconsciously. I think we have melodies that play in our inner being and if we took time to listen really carefully, we would hear them - perhaps that is how composers start with their great pieces. Emotions evoke melodies inside of us - at least that is what I believe. That 'jump for joy' bouncy melody, that 'don't miss a beat' rhythmic melody, that soothing melody that calms us, that one with the touch of melancholy when we are missing a loved one, or the grand majestic one when our heart is full and overflowing. Stop - feel the music in you. Catch the strains of beautiful and amazing melodies. Some will be fleeting and gone forever, some will linger and be remembered. 

Now, I present for you, my Collection - "The Melody Within"!

The Bundle:

The Kit:
The Kit comes with 46 unique individual elements and 9 12"x12" papers.

The Elements:

The Papers:

The Clusters:

The Photomasks:

The Word Art:

Here are a couple of pages created by my CT girls:
This one by Maria -

And this one by Marlyn:

This is one that I made using a mask and one of the clusters:

I hope you like my new collection!

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Until next time...
Happy scrapping! 

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