Monday, July 10, 2017

Sunday with a difference!

Sunday for me was yesterday.  It was like most other Sundays in so many ways...up early and off to church.  Like most other Sundays, we began with worship - and the worship was beautiful.  It was Spirit filled - the atmosphere was charged with Godly energy.  As I sang, I felt my spirit find a 'oneness' with God's Spirit.  

A little back story here.  Our church has been going through a time of transition.  We had six months without pastors, then we welcomed our new pastors.  The lease on our building was coming to an end.  We believed God was taking us to new premises; that  He wanted to do something completely new with us.  So as the months passed, doors opened and we eventually moved into new premises.  It was so "God" because we could never have thought or imagined that we'd be where we are now situated in the heart of the city.  Our numbers were stripped back.  God had said that we could expect this.  People moved - some out of town, some to other churches.  It was challenging and often a little bewildering, but through it all, we have kept believing for what God has in store for us - the something "New".  We are ready for growth and stability - we feel that the transitioning phase is over and we are now engaged in a rebuilding community phase.  It's fresh, it's exciting...

Yesterday it came time for the Pastor to bring the message.  Instead, he left his notes on the lectern and said that he believed God was taking things in a different direction.  He said God had spoken a word to him - "Intercession".  We have been praying for many of our peeps who are or who have been through some 'deep waters'.  The Pastor asked if people would like to share how they'd seen God working through their circumstances to bring healing, restoration, peace.

There began a wonderful time of sharing.  A number of people told their stories of God's intervention, his provision, his opening doors that had previously seemed firmly closed, his healing power and so much more.  It was a time to celebrate the absolute faithfulness of our awesome God - his power, his goodness, his mercy and grace and his everlasting love.  

Yesterday was a beautiful  'stand out' Sunday in our church!  Thank you, Heavenly Father. 

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