Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Mix'n'Match Collection + Freebie

It's that time again...Co-ordinated Collection time at theStudio!

Each quarter the designers get together around a common palette to create beautiful collections that will allow you to pick and choose to create your own wonderful matching collection.  The theme this time is "Highlands" with the Scottish Highlands being the underlying inspiration.  Not everyone has been to Scotland or wants to go to Scotland, so I took a slightly different path and while using the same palette, chose "Mountain Air" as my theme.  

As I was designing this bundle, the lines of the Kite song from Mary Poppins kept running through my head: 'Up through the atmosphere, Up where the air is clear'. My thoughts were filled with pictures of high mountains where the air is pure and clean.  I could almost smell the pine forests on the mountain slopes.  I could 'see' the clear mountain streams and waterfalls and the crystal clear lakes.  I pictured sitting in a rocking chair on the verandah of a log cabin, taking walks through forests and listening to the music of water tumbling over rocks as it made it way down to a valley far below.  I could see a camp site on the edge of a lake with families gathered around a camp fire cooking dinner and chattering about their adventure-filled days.  I just wanted to breathe in that mountain air and let it fill my lungs and refresh my body and soul.

My MOUNTAIN AIR Collection has a total of eight packs - each priced at just $1.00 for a limited time.  The 8 pack bundle is just $8.00 right now.  Take a look at my bundle:
The Element pack contains 76 elements, there are 18 mixed Papers, 12 Art Papers, 12 Textured Solids, Photomasks, Page Accents, Transparent Border Overlays and Wordart. 
This Collection is not to be missed!!  Check it out in MY STORE:

CU Collab Grab Bag by Manu Scraps and myself will be gone on Monday and will be split into individual packs to go into our separate stores.  Grab this while you still can at just $6 for 6 full-sized Commercial Use packs (also good for Personal Use.)

Co-ordinating FREEBIE Add-on that matches with the Co-ordinated Collection at TheStudio!
Don't forget to pick yours up at TheStudio today!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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