Monday, June 23, 2008

Another week over, a new one begun

I just don't seem to get here as often as I'd like...the time just flies with so much else to do.

This past week saw some mega frustration although I did finally get the two photobooks uploaded and I received word back that they were successfully downloaded at the other end, so it was a great relief to finally have THAT sorted out. I've already had shipping advice for the first album so it should be here in a couple of weeks. The second one should be only about a week after that.

The major frustration though, this week, was caused by computer problems - again. But this time, it wasn't something I could fix. I had my computer techhie come out and once he'd checked it all out, he took it away to put in a new motherboard and processor. My poor computer died!

The great news is that I didn't lose a single thing! I was amazed and so relieved. My computer guy didn't charge the earth either and he had my PC back to me in less than 24 hours, all ready to go again - and with a new DVD burner installed as well. What could have been a huge disaster turned out to be a wonderful blessing. I am praising God and thanking him for saving all my stuff.

My offsite backup continues. It is very slow but then uploading anything from here seems to be awfully slow. I'm just hoping that it will all be backed up before I go away on my vacation.

I've completed another new kit and have it in both stores - Magical Memories.

I'm currently working on one with a masculine theme.

No weight loss this past week but no gain either. Off to the gym again this morning...

That's it for now.

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