Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where did the time go?

Goodness only knows the answer to that one!

I've been busy and frustrated over the past few days but at least some problems have been solved and some things have been accomplished.

Having repeated trouble with uploading photobooks caused much of the frustration but finally, using sendspace, I got two albums uploaded. Hopefully the photobooks will come back looking great! It just seems that hours and hours have gone into them when you include the two weeks of trying to sort out the upload issues.

Another digital kit is almost ready to put into store and I've started another one. I decided I needed to do a masculine one - which is a bit of a challenge when I love to do the pretty, flowery thing.

I did do a few more photo extractions as well. The yellow and red butterfly was very time consuming but I'm really happy with the result. Lots of fine detail in that one.

Then there was a lovely yellow rose in my garden and I grabbed the camera the other day and took a few photos of that and I've now extracted them as well.

Yesterday when I went to my daughter's, I took the camera because she had a gorgeous green orchid. I can see another extraction lined up now...LOL.

And another achievement for this past week - I've shed another 400g. That's now a total of 16.5kg! YES!!!!

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