Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday catch up

I am such a hopeless blogger. An entry about once a week seems to be about all I can manage. Oh well, let's not bemoan that little fact and get on with it, now I'm actually here.

We've just had a long weekend, here in Townsville. The annual Show was on over the weekend and Monday was 'People's Day'.

Dee, Ben, the kids, Ben's parents and myself all had a great morning out at the Heritage Tea Rooms up at Herveys Range. We arrived at around 9:30 and enjoyed a lovely brunch. It was a little cooler there as it generally is and eating outdoors proved just a little on the chilly side. The place was really busy and almost every table both inside and outside had a 'Reserved' sign on it. It soon filled up with people and people kept arriving who hadn't made a reservation, but I don't think anyone was turned away. I guess just enough people left in time for those arriving to take their places.

Our time there was really relaxed and it was a great way to spend some time together on the holiday.

This past week I've worked on completing my new kit - this time, a masculine one. It presented quite a few challenges and while I am quite pleased with the way it has turned out, I must say that I enjoy creating 'pretty' kits more. I have it ready to upload into the stores but first I have to wait for my computer to complete its backup. A backup has been overdue and with the death of my PC a couple of weeks ago, it became urgent to dedicate a day to do it. There is sooo much to backup and it does indeed take a full day!

Along with doing backup to an external hard drive, I have been in the process of backing up to a remote location. This is taking for--ev--er! I am only a little of the way through and I think it is going to take MONTHS! LOL This is because of the slow upload speed. Today I had my internet connection checked and it appears that my connection is 'strong', so that's good. I was wondering if there was something wrong with it but that isn't the problem I'm having apparently. The upload speed is just S-l-o-w. It could also be that there is a problem with my ethernet cable and I'm thinking of going wirelss on my PC. I am working on ironing out the problem with why I have problems with smooth transition from one page to another/moving from one site to another on the internet. The whole browsing experience is slow and frustrating. There has to be something that can be fixed. Well, the shift to wireless is something I have to check out. I'll keep posting about progress on that issue.

There's not much else for now. I've just watched the grand final of Australia's Got Talent which was just awesome. My favourite contestant, Smokin' Joe, won. YEEEAAAAHHHH! He is such a fantastic talent. Now The World's Got Talent is on. Don't want to miss it, so I'm signing off...Bye for now.

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