Saturday, December 13, 2014

Summer Christmas

Do you swelter through your Christmas season?  I do.  I live in Australia's tropics and it is HOT.  I must say, I do sometimes wish I could experience the wonder of a white Christmas with lots of that white stuff that falls from the sky (and I don't mean hail.) 

Thinking of our summer being Christmastime, means celebrations in air-conditioning, or shady backyards around swimming pools and barbeques, or camping at the beach, strolling sandy beaches and surfing the waves.  Beach or backyard cricket are an 'institution', driving around looking at the Christmas lights is a 'must do' and watching 'carols by candlelight' on the tv is a tradition.  Going to church on Christmas Eve or early on Christmas morning is another 'not to be missed' event.  I love celebrating Jesus' birth - no matter what the weather or temperature!

So here today, I have my last summer Christmas kit - now available at #theStudio and 35% off for a few days.  This one joins my previous summer Christmas kits, "Beach Christmas" and "Christmas Down Under".  Here is "Backyard Christmas".  These three kits are created around the same palette so you can mix and match elements and papers. 



These are awesome!!  Make sure you collect them all.


Three products - $2 each - 1 designer = 3-2-1 SALE!!  December 12 - 15  Don't miss it!!

These are my products in this sale:

APOLOGY from #theStudio:

Our apologies for the login issues!  The good news is... our Personal Use and Commercial use stores now share ONE cart. ONE login.  The bad news is, you may need to refresh your browser, clear cookies/cache & reboot for everything to work properly.

We realize change is frustrating & we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience during our construction.  Please accept a small apology from all of us at theStudio.  Save 15% Off any purchase this weekend.  Please use coupon code: CSxDOWN15

That's it from me.  Grab some Christmas savings and have a great weekend.  I'll be back with more news you won't want to miss...s-o-o-n!! 

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