Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015 and Important Information plus Freebie

There are some almighty huge issues at present concerning the EU VAT changes.  These changes and how they are handled will affect all businesses and the ones most likely to 'go under' are small businesses.

The best explanation I can give is found on the Digital Scrapbooking Studio Blog.  Here you will learn what #theStudio is doing to become EU VAT compliant.  (You'll also find a beautiful freebie at the end of the post there.)

Having read that, would you please consider signing this petition:


I would hate to see EU customers blocked from their favourite digi sites (and other small businesses) worldwide.  Worse would be having small businesses forced to close because of the demands they face in having to implement the required changes.  Small businesses are the backbone to whole economies!

I implore you to please take the few seconds needed to sign now.  Let's hope 'the powers that be' see sense.

Having said all that...I do indeed greet you with good wishes for 2015.  Yes, we have begun another year.  Let's pray it will be a good one!

Until next time,

Celebrate this New Year's Day!

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