Sunday, November 2, 2008

November already

Well I have no idea where October went...just that somewhere in the past couple of weeks, I had a birthday, so it mustn't have just disappeared off the calendar!

To tell the truth, I have been extremely busy. I have been trying to do digital photo albums of my trip overseas. One is finished - OUR OREGON TRAIL - and I'm now into the second one. I am trying to meet a deadline so that I can use photobook links which I had purchased a while back before the company changed names. (I'm not sure the company changed anything else much and now they have imposed a 'use by' date on photobooks which I'd bought and hoped to use over a much longer time than what is now available to me. Hence the rush is on! (And that's not to delve into the details of the extra charges they are now slapping on, on top for preparation and processing, packing and shipping - the latter was included in the original price but now an extra lot is being charged. I can't believe it, but I have coupons to use and I'm going to use up as much as I can before the end of this month and then I'm going to find somewhere else that operates in a more 'up front and reasonable' manner and charges within the realm of affordability while offering top quality.)

Amongst all of that, I have added some new product to the digi stores I sell at and have some extra things in the pipeline. I am starting to think of my Christmas kit and I'll start work on that when I need a break from this photo album.

Add to that some back problems again and you'll have the picture of what life is like here!

Anyway, I just thought it was time to pick up the thread again and not let this poor blog lapse any longer.

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