Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With great sadness

This past week has been so sad. My dear Mum passed away on November 11 - Remembrance Day.

My daughter and I flew to Brisbane for her Thanksgiving Service which was on Saturday morning. Although we were only there for four days we packed quite a lot in but it was a very emotional and draining few days.

I think it is the 'attitude of gratitude' that will get us through our grief and the pain of our loss.

My Mother was 94 years of age. She lived alone and did most things for herself. Although she had commented regularly on her increasing tiredness during the past few months, she was in surprisingly good health for her years. She had all her faculties and she was delighted when she managed to crack a cryptic crossword. She kept her hands busy with knitting, tatting and crochet. She read avidly. She liked to walk when the weather was fine and generally walked to the shops for her lighter grocery items. She did not want to have to go into nursing care, but she hoped to stay in her own home.

Two weeks ago she had surgery to remove a small tumour following some tests. I am so glad that she did because she probably would have had a much slower and definitely more painful time prior to death if she hadn't. The day before she died she had a full CT scan which revealed the cancer had spread. I am glad the doctor didn't tell her. Although she appeared to be recovering quite well from the surgery, in the last couple of days there was a decline and in the final twelve hours, she deteriorated rapidly, so her death was quick and it came as a shock to us.

We have so much to be grateful for though - all that I have mentioned above - and above all, that she had a deep and profound faith in God. She was ready to 'go home'.

She was a quiet, reserved lady who liked to do things in the background to help others. She spent much time in prayer for others. She loved her family dearly. She missed her friends who had gone from her life in these later years. She lived 'one day at a time' - a great philosophy.

I am going to miss her dearly but I will look forward to the day we meet again in that place Jesus has prepared for those who believe in him. I loved my Mum.

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