Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't you hate paperwork?

A couple of days ago, my email provider announced that they were 'closing their doors'. So I duly changed to another email provider, hence changing my email address. I contacted everyone in my address book - that was easy.

I now have to change my details on so many of the websites I visit and with companies who send me stuff electronically. It is taking so much time out of my day - and I keep finding more and more and I'm sure I'm going to miss some.

We have to deal with 'change of address' in the physical world, but somehow I think that changing addresses in the cyber world is even worse. While technology has shrunk our world, it's also allowed us to connect with a much broader spectrum of people and businesses and in that sense, my world, at least, has expanded! Arghhh...back to tracking down some place where I need to change my details...

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