Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Another year has begun. 2008 just seemed to slip out the door and 2009 crept in while I was sleeping on New Year's Eve. "Seeing the New Year in" is something I don't 'do' anymore. I'd never stay awake long enough - but I am up bright and early to greet the first day of the year anyway.

I wish everyone who may visit my blog, a safe, happy and yes, a prosperous year in 2009. (I don't think 'prosperous' necessarily means making heaps of money either. I think we can prosper in other ways.)

I've been busy over the past few days doing my contributions to some collaborative kits in the stores I sell my designs through. I've also made some sales, so that has been very encouraging.

My next kit is coming together in my head and soon I'll start putting it together on the computer. It will be a good one for February, I think...that's all the hint I'm giving at this stage - hehehe.

Now I'm going to try to add a new banner to my blog.
That's all for now...

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Karen said...

A Happy and Safe New Year to you and your family too Esther.