Friday, January 30, 2009

Pleased as Punch

Yesterday I received not one, but TWO, awards here on my blog. These are the first awards I've ever received, so I was a bit awe-struck...and very pleased, I might add!

They both came by way of a buddy who is also a designer at Bouquet Of Pixels - Vicki Deane. This is Vicki's blog - - go check it out. Thanks sooo much, Vicki, for choosing me... (Vicki is an Aussie too!! Go the Aussies!!!)

Well, the first award is the Friendship Award (second pic). I now have to pass that award on to three others. I think these will go to three digi designers who have been very helpful to me -

Kim Broedelet -
Manu B -
Rhonda Radcliffe -

Check out their blogs - they are awesome designers!

I'm still thinking about the TLC award...I'll come back to that one later. I'm off to work now.


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